Tue 01 Oct 2019 11:22

Stamford now has a new kit supplier.

Be the PURPLE everyone

They are very experienced in the supply of sports clothing all over the UK and wider. It’s a new contract so bear with us while we iron out any teething problems. We have set it up as follows:
1. All playing kit can be bought in the shop for minis and juniors. This includes shorts, socks and jerseys.
2. Senior players shorts and socks are also available from the shop.
3. All leisurewear will be available at the following website:
a. https://www.oneills.com/uk_en/shop-by-team/rugby/rugby-union/stamford-rugby.html just click on the link and use like any normal ecommerce website.
b. This includes tops, jackets, tracksuit bottoms, leisure shorts and bags.
4. The club shop will also have beanies, umbrellas, baseball caps and other great kit for purchase, especially with Xmas coming up.
5. All tour kit should be ordered through the shop.

When you first logon and register you should get a discount code WELCOME15 off your first order. This should give 15% off.

Any ideas of what you would like to see in the shop or on the website, or any questions, please grab one of the volunteers working in the shop on Sunday mornings.